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Next Meeting Monday April 15

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Among the more than 18,000 Sun Lakes residents are aviation enthusiasts representing a myriad of flying experiences and interests: military, commercial airlines, corporate aviation, business (banner tow, flight instruction, charter, photography, power line and pipeline observation, and flight test), recreation and pleasure, hot air balloons, operation of ultra-lights, flying remote control models, model aircraft building, paper airplane building and flying, rocketry, other activities not listed and those with undeveloped interest in the wonder of flight.

The purpose of the Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) is to foster interest in aviation and to enrich Club members’ knowledge of a variety of aviation related fields.  A further purpose is to share General Aviation activities that serve members of widely varying interests, such as: powered flight, sailplanes, homebuilt aircraft, and radio controlled and rubber band powered model aircraft.  The Club serves the interests of those having a wide range of aviation and aviation related experiences and interests through regular meetings and activities.


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Monthly meetings, field trips and other activities. 

Regular meetings take place November through May.

Location: SLCC Navajo Room

Time: 6:30PM Coffee and camaraderie. 7:00PM Main meeting and presentation. Most meetings are finished before 8:30PM.

Programs and Activities



19 - Regular monthly meeting


17 - Regular monthly meeting

"Anatomy of Treachery" History of what lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbor


21 - Regular monthly meeting

Vietnam conflict helicopter gunner to speak.


18 - Regular monthly meeting

Speaker, Andy Estes on Restoration of Classic and Antique Aircraft


Andy Estes operates Desert Rat Aviation located at the Ak-Chin Regional Airport southwest of Chandler. His company provides aircraft maintenance and restoration for both modern and classic aircraft.

After years of working as a partner or an employee for other companies,

Estes took his love and passion for creating beautiful handcrafted planes into his own hands. He opened Desert Rat Aviation in November 2006, working out of a small Quonset hut until the business grew. Needing a much larger facility, He moved his operation to its current location in June 2009.

Estes is also an active flight instructor for a sister company, Desert Aero Club. Estes' love of vintage aircraft and the type of flying that was common during the “Golden Age” of aviation led him to imagine a new “old style” flying club, now known as the Desert Aero Club. One where there would be a focus on flying just for the fun of it and sharing in the experience of old fashioned “stick and rudder” piloting. The club offers training and rental in a 1951 Aeronca Champ.


18 - Regular monthly meeting. 

Program speaker will be Phil Brewer, a former U.S. Air Force officer who flew the A7D Corsair II and  Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II will be guest speaker at the Sun Lakes Aero Club gathering.- Will talk about his experiences flying the A-10 Warthog attack aircraft currently based at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. Phil, better known as the "Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen" flew the two fighter aircraft during his military career. His nickname comes from the fact that he has written a number of cookbooks and other books about cooking.

The A-10 is currently in active service based at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. Come and enjoy some camaraderie with others interested in all aspects of aviation and hear an interesting speaker. Social "hour" begins at 6:30PM and the program will begin at 7:00PM in the Navajo Room in the Sun Lakes Country Club.


15 - Regular monthly meeting

Program speaker speaker retired Air Force Colonel and noted WWII historian James Evans will talk about operation Chastise, an attack on German dams, popularly known as the 'Dam Busters'  

These dams were fiercely protected from submarine and aerial attack as they provided the water and electrical supply in the Ruhr Valley. This was critical to the German war production. The RAF used purpose built 'bouncing bombs' to breach these dams.

Come and enjoy some camaraderie with others interested in all aspects of aviation and hear an interesting speaker. Social "hour" begins at 6:30PM and the program will begin at 7:00PM in the Navajo Room in the Sun Lakes Country Club.

End of season picnic TBA

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